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Welcome to our Agritouristic Lodges

Cisna community, a heart of Bieszczady is one of the last large areas in Europe that is still in its natural state, covered with natural forests with rich fauna. There are three levels of vegetation in Bieszczady: foothills and valleys, sub-alpine forests and glades.

The glades were created as the result of the climate conditions and human activities such as grazing of cattle and ship, cutting out bushes, forest burning and creation of meadows. The glades are covered with mountain ash bushes, green olsza and willow and adler tress.

The largest areas are covered with just high grass and herbs. The top parts of glades are covered with grass and dense, short turf. All levels of vegetation are inhabited by various species of birds. The typical are sparrows and wrens and zniczki. The glades are inhabited by high mountain birds and birds living on rocks: columbines, eagles and large owls (eagle own and tawny owl).
The forests cover 89% of the Community area, which is sparsely inhabited and underdeveloped. The western part of the Community is almost entirely covered by forests and it lets the tourists feel the taste of Bieszczady nature unchanged for generations.

Cisna and Wetlina, an eastern part of the Community, are excellent starting points for hiking and at the same time provide you with basic tourist utilities. The large, rural areas with preserved rich fauna make this Community the place of unparalleled tourist and landscape attractions.

Within the Bieszczadzki National Park and Landscape Park there are several hiking routes of various lengths and levels of difficulties. In the summer time, you can travel though Bieszczady by bicycle, horse or by narrow-gauge train. Aside the trails that are very popular, one can find here the areas that our guests love. WELCOME ALL YEAR ROUND!

Our Attractions

  • 20 rooms all year-round and seasonal
  • Horse back riding
  • Two regional Huculian and two Malopolskie (Lesser Poland) horses
  • Britzkas, sleigh rides, bicycles
  • Excursions connected with observations of local fauna and flora
  • Gathering of forest ground cover
  • In proximity to tourist pedestrian and bicycle trails
  • Sightseeing of surrounding scenic areas guided by hosts
  • Playground for children
  • Tent field
  • Domestic animals welcomed
  • Farm animals
  • Ski lift in Cisna
  • 5 kilometers to ski lift in Kalnica
  • Fishing for a trout in the nearby river
  • 45 kilometers to Ustrzyki Gorne
  • 18 kilometers to Wetliny
  • 15 kilometers to Polanczyk, where rental of swimming equipment is available